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The Trading Post


No doubt about it...a lot of things get done in Iola and Southeast Kansas every day because of The Trading Post. It's on Monday-Friday from 8:05am to 9:00am except on holidays.


The Trading Post is just what it sounds like. It's a place for you to advertise what you have to buy, sell and trade...for free! No wonder it's so popular!!


In order to balance the interests of listeners and advertisers...for free you may sell used personal items...No businesses are allowed to use the free service. The definition of a business also includes home-based franchises and individuals offering products and/or services that we believe compete with businesses that advertise on KIKS & KIOL.


If you don't qualify for a free ad, you can buy one for just a few THIS PDF FILE to read how!


So these are the rules for free ads:


1. We can't accept items over $5,000 dollars or domestic animals over $100. Food items for sale must be paid mail.


2. We don't buy, sell or rent real estate.


3. No babysitting calls will be accepted.


4. Free ads are for individuals ONLY. Businesses need to pay for their ads. This includes home-based businesses. Occasionally you'll hear a business on the air. Those are PAID ads and we'll let you know that.


5. Only one call per show.


6. KIKS & KIOL reserves the right to edit any item.


7. Numbers are NOT AVAILABLE AFTER 9:15am! We allow a 15-minute grace period to get numbers after the show in case you got a busy signal calling in during the show. Please understand that we can't give out numbers after that! Looking up numbers takes a tremendous amount of time.


If you want your item on the air there are 5 ways:


1. Call your items in to 620-365-3151 during office hours, Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm.


2. Text your item to 620-365-3151 at any time.


3. Bring your WRITTEN description of your item to the studio. This is the old fashioned way but it works. We do lock the door before and after business hours so don't get upset, just slip it in the door or tape it to the door.


4. Fax it in. Our fax number is (620) 365-5431. Please get them in by 8:00am weekdays...if you wait to the last minute we might not get it on the air.


5. E-Mail it to us. Our e-mail is Same rules apply as with the fax.


Mailbag is at 8:30am. We'll read it two consecutive days. There are no guarantees on free ads...we may have to drop ads for time on really busy days.


If you send them any other way they will not make it on the air.


KIKS & KIOL can NOT be responsible for items bought and sold on The Trading Post!